Our university was founded in 1997 to educate students from all over the world. Initially the language of instruction was entirely English. Teacher Training was first opened in the Faculty of Education. This section was preceded by the Faculty of Communications. This section was preceded by the Faculty of Communications. When the decision was made to establish the Faculty of Education in 2006, English Language Teaching was moved to this faculty, as well as Pre-School and Turkish Language Teaching was opened. Thus, the faculty has been active. The departments have been followed by Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher, Guidance and Psychological Counselling, Art and Craft Teaching and Mentally Handicapped Teaching. We are proud to be the first university in the field of special education in Cyprus.


The Cyprus International University aims to be among the best-known universities of the future with quality, contemporary education to be provided by teaching staff with international qualifications. It aims to realize this with the classes of technological equipment, with wide range of application fields, with qualified faculty members who will deal with students individually.

With this understanding, our students are able to reach their own reachable students who have advanced skills in analytical thinking and problem solving, creativity, self-improvement, interrogation, and knowledge. Our lecturers also make important contributions to their scientific, interdisciplinary studies and project areas. Our faculty members educate teachers who have mastered the field of education with their education, are able to use instructional technologies effectively, and adopt a student-centred education model.


Our faculty is located in a quiet environment, close to Nicosia, both within the city and away from the noise of the city. It serves a modern building built in 2005. Classrooms have a maximum of 50 people. In all our classes we use smart boards. It has a rich technological infrastructure. Various educational technologies are utilized in the courses, students are given the opportunity to complete their education intertwined with them. There is a rich library with all kinds of international connections. Not only permanent faculty member of the university's faculty members also respected in the area of Turkey's leading universities it has the opportunity to benefit our students. Our university has not only educational facilities, but also a wide range of people in social cultural fields. First of all, even if you do not make friendships, students from 105 different countries are using the same space, dining room, and café. There are only the most advanced sports facilities in Cyprus is not even Turkey. There is an Olympic swimming pool. With various student clubs, the student has the opportunity to improve himself / herself not only in class but also outside the classroom.