We must meet the new normal and adapt

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology faculty member Assist. Prof. Dr. Eliz Volkan pointed out that we experience a feeling of anxiety that is increasing day-by-day as a society due to COVID-19 and reminded that our psychological health is one of our most important shelters.

Volkan stated that, as in every crisis, it is still in a period that is constantly changing, which is still seriously uncertain and will remain uncertain, for a while and added: "Uncertainty is not a situation which people can easily cope with”.

It was pointed out that each individual experienced the process of uncertainty or discomfort in different ways and stages, and during the pandemic period, the process was experienced collectively and globally during which many changes entered into our lives, especially to meet and adapt to the 'new normal'.

“We must support each other”
Adapting to the physical, economic, and psychological changes caused by COVID-19 requires dealing with the feelings of denial, anger, uncertainty, uncontrolled, and sadness, then, accepting the result as is one of the greatest psychological wars humanity has ever experienced. “Supporting each other in this process is one of the most important needs we can meet,” said Volkan.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Volkan added that to have psychological support, it will also be essential to provide psychological resilience, prevent psychological stigma against relatives or individuals, who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and use psychological intervention services such as Psychological First Aid (e.g. CIU PIY) when necessary.

Noting that it is necessary to act with the knowledge that the anxiety comes as the most common complaint, while dealing with this difficult process, may arise as an ordinary reaction, Volkan drew attention to the point that we should overcome this process without losing hope and act together in a conscious, planned, and cautious manner.

News Date: July 7, 2020