About the Program

Clinical Psychology is a field that is growing rapidly in the field of health sciences and has a high demand rate in health sciences. It is a field that is needed by many sectors in line with the increasing population and the problems determined by this population. Given the large number of data, it seems to be urgent to overcome the need for a 'specialist clinical psychologist'. Unfortunately, the number of clinical psychologists who have received expertise in this area according to international academic and practical training criteria is far from meeting the needs of the field. The clinical psychology program of our university aims to train professionals who will work primarily in this sensitive and sensitive way.

Education Opportunities

The Master Program in Clinical Psychology is based on the principles of the Boulder Conference, which sheds light on the training of clinicians. Accordingly, learning, scientific studies and clinical practice are equally involved. Thus, in the environment where clinical competence can be gained, advanced clinical psychologists are trained with advanced theory and practical application. In addition, while clinical contributions are made through clinical project studies supervised by professionals, clinical practices that are supervised and maintained by professionals are made. This graduate program is suitable for individuals with bachelor's degree in Psychology who want to work, teach, research and help with social care for individuals who have mental and / or emotional problems in clinical settings. For this reason, the structure of our program is a postgraduate program that focuses on strengthening the theoretical knowledge and practical skills (intelligence and personality tests, interviewing techniques, psychotherapies and research techniques) that people in the field will need. CIU Master's program in Clinical Psychology envisions to become a nationally recognized leader in education and to learn and develop the scientific principles of behavior and mental processes in cooperation with its employees and students, to contribute to the science of psychology and its applications, and to produce professionals serving local, national and global communities.

Career Areas

The program provides the basis for the scientific understanding of behavior and mental processes, the establishment of psychopathological situations and psychotherapy-based treatment, and the promotion of service. Our graduate program aims to prepare students as Licensed Clinical Psychologists who provide evidence-based services for children, adults and families in various health and education settings. In this context, graduates of Clinical Psychology Masters Program work as psychologists at schools, kindergardens, hospitals, nursing homes, lockup houses, house of corrections, as specialists, instructors, academic members at universities; as well as officials at public and private institutions and organizations.


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