We would like to give you some information about the frequently asked questions to our university due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) include the most up-to-date information and advice based on national (TRNC Cabinet of Ministers) guidance and our own planning.
Since the current situation changes frequently, we will continue to provide you with up-to-date information and announcements as quickly as we can. For this reason, you can find the most up-to-date information on this website as 'Advice and Guidance'.
We would like to point out that due to the partial curfew decision, we are unfortunately unable to provide face-to-face support in this process, but we are always with you to support your learning and development. Stay healthy.
Students, who need support, can contact our “Student Development and Counseling Center” team on 0548 858 95 68 or 0548 858 95 74 or 0548 858 95 89.
#stayhome #staysafe


1. How will the exams, presentations, postgraduate qualification exams and thesis defenses be done?
In the process of conducting courses on the digital platform, the new 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester Academic Calendar is available on the website of our university. The course syllabus is available in the Student Information System (CIU-SIS) and on the Moodle Platform. You can get detailed information about this issue from the course instructors or Institute of Graduate Studies and Research.

2. We cannot provide material in our practical lessons. Our lecturers asked for materials as an assignment, but we cannot provide them because we cannot leave the house. What should we do in this situation?
As of 4 May 2020, in accordance with the decision taken by the TRNC Council of Ministers, there is NO partial curfew at the moment and the shops have been opened. Therefore, we think that you will not have any difficulties in supplying your materials, but if there is a problem, we recommend you to contact your lecturer.

3. I cannot connect to the class over the Internet in my environment, what should I do? How can I follow my lessons if I do not have a computer?
Internet connection is compulsory for education on the digital platform. You can use any device you can connect to the Internet to follow your lessons. However, if you cannot follow your lessons or do not have Internet access in your location, you have the opportunity to freeze your registration, but in such a case, we recommend you to learn about the loss of term and your student status.

4. Will the semester of students who are at graduation status be extended?
Necessary implementations will be carried out by our university in line with the decisions taken by the TRNC Council of Ministers and the TRNC Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board (YÖDAK). Necessary precautions are taken to ensure that our students studying in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus do not have any problems; you can follow the announcements regarding the situation through the official communication channels of our university.

5. Will there be a Summer School/Graduation Ceremony?
Although it is considered as a positive principle to hold a summer school/graduation ceremony as the University Administration, a final decision will be made in accordance with the decision of the TRNC Government and other relevant authorities. You can follow the official communication channels of our university for future updates.

6. Will the Academic Calendar be updated?
The academic calendar has been updated and announced on our university website. It is also possible to make any future changes in line with the decisions taken by the TRNC Government and relevant authorities. Regarding this, you can follow the announcements to be made on the official communication channels of our university.

7. Will attendance information be taken? If so, how and according to what will it be taken?
Attendance information is recorded by the Moodle platform, one of the digital platforms of our university. Synchronous or asynchronous monitoring of the courses is important for the education and training of our students.


1. Will interest be applied if the installment of my tuition fee is delayed?
No penalty will be applied until 29 May 2020 due to the delays in the payment of installments for the spring semester. However, payments must be completed until the date specified above.

2. Will the exchange rate be fixed? Exchange rate displayed on SIS is over the daily exchange rate.
For the additional course payments or document requests regarding student status for those who make payments in Turkish Lira, the rate for printed, hardcopy material costs will be fixed at this rate, in cases where 1 Euro is above 7.00 TL

3. Will the installments be postponed?
Students are provided with the opportunity to pay their installments without penalty until 29 May 2020, only for the 2019-2020 spring semester.

4. Will the university give us a special discount for the spring semester?
Education in the spring semester continues through the digital platform. No discounts are planned as the practical/implementation hours of the courses will be held in line with the schedule to be prepared by the University Senate when the outbreak ends considering the nature of the courses.


1. If I go back to my home country, is there a possibility that I will need to come back?
Our University will take action in line with the decisions to be taken by the TRNC Government and its official authorities. You can follow the announcements regarding this matter through the official channels of our university.

2. We would like to go back to our family. What should we do?
You can contact the Turkish Republic Nicosia Embassy regarding the issue.
E-mail: buyukelcilik.lefkosa@mfa.gov.tr
Tel: 0539 100 10 20

3. If the pandemic continues when education starts, what kind of quarantine process will be applied when I return from my country?
A process will be carried out in line with the Decisions of the TRNC Council of Ministers. For this reason, it is important to follow the announcements made from our official channels.


1. The return date of the books I borrowed from the library is over, will the penalty be imposed?
There will be no penalty for the delay on the return of the books during the pandemic.


1. I'm having a problem with Moodle. What can I do about it?
To be able to provide you with a better service and to prevent you from lagging behind in your courses, the system is checked every day and it is constantly improved. Inform your course instructors about the problems you face and also check the published form regarding on Moodle regarding this matter.

2. What should I do to update my passport number?
Write a petition through the Student Information System (CIU-SIS). Attach the picture or scanned version of the page containing the biometric information of your passport (with your photo) in the attachment of your petition.

3. What should I do to update my phone number?
You can do your update through the Student Information System (CIU-SIS).


1. I had already graduated and applied to get a diploma before the education was suspended at the university. My cargo has not arrived yet. What should I do?
As of 4 May 2020, since the partial curfew has been removed, we started to serve you with a small number of staff according to the decision of the TRNC Council of Ministers. It will be ensured that your diplomas are sent to you by taking the necessary actions, but the transportation companies from TRNC to abroad or vice versa have not started yet, so cargo companies are not working at the moment. When the cargo companies start working, all transactions will be done in an order.

2. Can my diploma be sent to me?
We, now, serve you with a small number of employees in line with the measures taken by the TRNC Council of Ministers as of 4 May 2020. However, if requested, depending on your urgent needs, your e-signed and approved documents can be sent to you online. Either way, you can make your requests by applying through the Student Information System (CIU-SIS).


1. Is food aid provided to students who cannot return to their families and have financial difficulties? If yes, who can we contact?
Yes, TRNC Government is providing food aid for our students. For this, you can reach our relevant team on 0548 858 95 68 or 0548 858 9574 or 0548 858 95 89.

2. I am trying to reach the Ministry of Education. Can I learn the contact information?
Emergency Contact Numbers : 0392 227 7123 - 0392 600 1824
Ministry of Education and Culture WhatsApp Support Line: 0539 104 7777
Higher Education WhatsApp Support Line: 0539 103 2333
Psychological Counseling and Guidance Research Unit Support Line: 0539 103 1333


1. What should I do if I feel symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19)?
Immediately call the TRNC Ministry of Health emergency line on 0548 850 11 88 or 0533 850 11 88