Business and Partners

Our vision and values


We work alongside a diverse range of businesses to extend and enhance opportunities for students and develop relationships with partner institutions to deliver academic excellence.
Some of these;
Başkent University, Turkey
Bilkent University, Turkey
China University of Geosciences, China
Cairo University, Egypt
İstanbul University , Turkey
Michigan University, USA
University of Palermo, Italy
University of Jordan, Jordan
University of Tabriz, Iran
University of Ovideo, Spain
University of La Rochelle, France
University of Porto, Portugal
University of Latvia, Lithuania
University of Cordoba, Spain
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Career at CIU

To ensure an overall sustainable work experience at Cyprus International University for everybody, we embrace global human management practices and priorities as our foundation. Every year, by collaborating with our academic and administrative units, we plan for future actions, developments, and improvements based on the insights we receive. Also, as we develop our business areas and scope, we passionately move forward with a vision open to change, fueled by innovation, and grounded in through measurements.

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