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Cyprus International University Library; In line with the mission of our university and our library, aims to acquire, register and put into service all kinds of materials that will meet the information needs of our academicians, students and staff, arising from both academic and special interest areas, and provide suitable useful media.

Our goal is to be at the center of the academic and social life of our university. For this purpose, our library collection is able to serve different learning types and the material needs of our users that may arise from their special interests.

We aim to provide a productive and relaxed atmosphere to our users in general, as well as during their academic studies.

By examining academic databases, we have subscribed to those that are suitable for the education curriculum of our university. It is possible to access all electronic resources from within the university campus. In addition, remote access is provided through a joint effort with the Information Technologies Directorate.

The CIU Library is a member of ANKOS, KİTS, TÜBİTAK EKUAL, TÜBESS, Ulusal Toplu Katalog, Kıbrıs Üniversiteler Birliği (KÜB) and GETEM.

Library Rules

The students, academic and administrative staff of our university are considered natural users of our library. Our users are assumed to accept the library rules.

External users cannot borrow items, but may use our resources within the library.

Other than bottled water, no other food or drink is permitted in the library.

Please keep the library clean.

Phones should be on silent when in the library, and the library should be vacated if you wish to talk.

Only the student ID card holder may borrow a book.


Library Monthly E-Bulletin, Issue 1

Library Monthly E-Bulletin, Issue 2

Library Monthly E-Bulletin, Issue 3

Library Monthly E-Bulletin, Issue 4

Library Monthly E-Bulletin, Issue 6

Library Forms

The forms which are used / required from our users to use current services are given at the links below.

  1. ILL-KITS Form
  2. Book Transferring to Reserve Unit Form

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When Beginning Research

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Library Orientations
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Library Directorate
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2806
Director: Özlem Araz
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