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The student societies are a body that acts as a bridge between both local and international students and the school management. It comprises representatives from different country nationalities present at the University and represents the grassroots of social integration for students. Its primary function is to create a strong bond between students and the University system.

Some of the duties of the student societies are listed below:

1. To ensure wider dissemination of information across students from different nationalities.

Create awareness of certain benefits or offer made for students available by the University. Thus, it is the duty of the representatives of these societies to effectively communicate with students through appropriate means thereby overcoming language and socio-cultural barriers.

2. To promote better integration of students as they come on campus.

Helping students who are from certain countries with their visa and migration procedures to resolve in a relatively short time. Also, new students can easily navigate their early days by bonding with students with the same socio-cultural backgrounds.

3. To bring the management closer to the students.

With the help of the society representatives, it is easier to forestall any form of violence or unrest before they escalate as these students keep the school management abreast of students' concerns and issues that could lead to protests of any kind.

4. Collaborating with the International Centre to organize social activities

Social activities such as inter-country sports and arts to further strengthen cross cultural bonds and a continuously unifying school environment.

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