Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a prerequisite for attending the training programs offered by CIUCEC?

Depending on the aim and the content of the training program, everybody is accepted for most of the individual programs without any prerequisite.

Where are the trainings of CIUCEC given?

The programs are given in the lecture halls at the Cyprus International University campus.

Who gives the CIUCEC courses?

The training staff consists of experienced lecturers that work in academic units of our university and training experts from private corporations.

How can I register to a course that I am interested in?

It is necessary to contact our central office to register.

Do we need to pay for CIU Continuing Education Center courses?

Except for the free conferences hold by CIUCEC, courses are subject to a fee.

Is any certificate given at the end of a CIUCEC course?

At the end of the training, two kinds of certificates can be delivered both indicating the name of the participant and the duration of the course. The first one is the ‘Certification of Participation’’. In the training programs that give this certificate, no examinations are given. Certificate is prepared according to the attendance of the participants. The other certificate is ‘Certificate of Achievement’. The programs that give this certificate are usually longer and depend on the success on examinations held in the middle or at the end of the program. Participants who succeed in their final test are awarded the certificate.

Can you provide information about the time and date of the CIUCEC courses?

Generally the training programs are held during weekdays, at night or on the weekends.