About the Department

Department of Computer Engineering offers doctor of philosophy degrees in computer engineering, providing a research-oriented education in preparation for a research, industrial or entrepreneurial career. The objective of the department is to provide a graduate program that is both broad and deep, covering the diverse technical areas within computer engineering. Two named academic tracks within the program support this objective: Computing Systems & Software Engineering and Signal Processing & Communication. In each academic track, a program of study can be designed to meet the educational objectives of each student.

Education Opportunities

PhD program requires coursework, a seminar, a qualification exam, dissertation research, and a dissertation defense. During coursework students should take seven Phd-level elective courses from their concentration areas. In last semester of coursework students should give seminar about her/his projected thesis topic. After completed her/his coursework student should pass PhD qualification exam. If student pass Phd qualification exam then continues to her/his thesis research. In order to be able to defend the thesis, student should have at least one journal article in SCI or SCI-Expanded journals. After publishing article student can defend her/his thesis. Program is a member of Oracle Academy and Microsoft Imagine Academy.

Career Areas

Completion of the PhD establishes a student’s ability to conduct independent basic or applied research, and prepares him or her for a career in academia, industry, or government. Students pursue theoretical and empirical studies in a topic area determined by their interests, faculty research areas, and departmental research facilities. Our graduates can work as Research and development member in any company or they can work as researcher and/or academician in any university.


Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
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