Fine Arts education received formal acceptance approximately 200 years ago and has today become a creative area with a strong relation to the production and service sectors. Those who have studied learning processes throughout the ages, beginning with Plato, have emphasized the importance of the arts in the education process. It is not sufficient to organize a city, to build a machine, to perform a ceremony and devise an organization well and to make them work. Being in harmony with aesthetics strengthen the effects of Fine Arts and increases its prestige. Hence, Fine Arts is included in every part of modern life.

Fine Arts Education, in line with its accepted duties is obliged to renew itself especially over the last thirty years. The Faculty’s curriculum is being continuously revised in order to prepare students to become as near future professionals for their multi-oriented jobs. In a prime position, in order to make it more functional, a sensitivity was needed from which perspective the Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture which is active since 1997, trying to update the standards of both our academic staff and technical staff to those achieved by Fine Arts today.



The initial mission of Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture is to train initiative, unique, creative and intelligent professionals who are responsible and sensible to the social, cultural and environmental context; fully equipped with design, practice and management skills with an independent, learning – focused atmosphere based on critical and designerly way of thinking;  having capability of creating values.

Blending the potentials of different cultures and experiences together with the opportunities of the original context to initiate architectural thought designerly way of learning and behaving; to serve local and international society, information and cultural media trough the natural, historical and cultural awareness of the original context; to be open to change, global knowledge and development. 


There are 24 full-time academic staff in the Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture. In addition to this, 16 part-time teaching staff and 7 research assistants also gives support to the full-time academic staff. There are 12 classrooms and 4 studios for the faculty use. Classrooms and Studios are equipped with whiteboards and projectors. All classes have air conditioning system for heating and cooling. All classes and studios have wireless internet access. In addition to classrooms and studios, there are also Model Making Studio, Photography Studio, Material Lab, Serigraphy Studio and 3D Printing and Screening Studio. The entrance hall and corridors of the faculty also the entrance gallery of UKU Library building are used as the exhibition areas. The Cevik Uraz Conference Hall is used for faculty activities as well. In the UKU Library there are 3,899 publications related with the programs of the Faculty.