Medical education is based on an integrated system. In this system, topics are examined in a multidisciplinary approach in the course based on interrelated systems. Periods I, II and III constitute the preclinical part of medical education. The basic sciences in the period I, the normal biological functioning of the human organism in the Period II and the basic microbiology, the psychopathological and pathological foundations of the system diseases in the period III, clinical features and treatments are given with a multidisciplinary approach. Medical education in the term IV and V consists of internships. In addition to theoretical lectures, in-patient training, clinical visits, patient preparation, outpatient clinic visits, observations in the operating room, seminars and article hours, and joint meetings between clinics. Period VI is the period of internship. In addition to the universal level, all the knowledge and skills required by the conditions of the country together with the principles of preventive medicine will be covered. Students take an active role and responsibility in all clinical studies under the supervision of their responsible faculty member. In his last step towards medical practice, you will learn how to practice what you learned in five years.


As with education, Cyprus International University has adopted scientific research to become a leader in its field, to be a sought-after university, to raise scientists, to produce quality information, to spread the participant and science in the formation of national and international scientific policies.

In addition to education, the Faculty of Medicine is also a pioneering faculty in the field of research, and the necessary configurations have been established in order to ensure the active participation of the academic staff in the research and development activities of the graduate and undergraduate students. Our mission is to train our students as doctors who have the knowledge, skills and universal values of medicine. To produce the most advanced solutions to health problems and to make scientific research that will contribute to national and international knowledge.

To be a respected, innovative and leading faculty of medicine at the national and international level in education, health care and scientific research.