About the Program

Graphic Design Master Program (MFA), takes the main field of design as a basis. Besides, it is structured as a flexible program to be ready works with creative industries and open to interdisciplinary approaches. Some of these creative industries are art, illustration, cinema, new media, animations and photography which could be accepted under the visual culture.The aim of CIU Graphic Design Master MFA Program is to analyze the visual media with graphic design which is gaining more importance from day to day in our global communication and cultural context and encourage the student’s personal approaches and solutions. The objectives of the program cover understanding the design thinking, detecting the problems of the time, ability to study interdisciplinary, comprehension of importance the mission of design to create a better wold, understanding of the zeitgeist, and ability to improving critic comprehension. Our mission is to guide design professionals and academician candidates who gained visual culture and aesthetic perspective, are queier, social, student and learning oriented, gained interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary working ability.

Our vision is to be open to change and development, embrace the soul of the time, to build a positive and participative communication between the university and society, know the creative industries and lead multidisciplinary projects, besides to make a contribution to national and international art and culture environment. The students work interdisciplinary projects in media, design, and communication for creative industries. The program aims to contribute to the recognition of our university and country by participating in national and international art and design events, create artistic projects. Also, it is aimed to raise the well-prepared students for doctorate / Ph.D. in art.

Education Opportunities

In the CIU Graphic Design Master's Program, students can work within a research project. Students participate in the exhibitions. Current design problems are discussed and solutions are produced. Students are invited to participate in academic research, academic symposia and seminars, and to publish in academic journals.

Career Areas

The graduates of Graphic Design Master MFA can work in all creative industries or just continue to doctorate / Ph.D. in the art for their further academic education. The student who aims to improve their academic progress can work on design theory and practice. The Program is connected to Graphic Design Department, which has been a member of international design council ico –D since 2015. Program updates the curriculum according to education manifest of ico-D.


Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Çevik Uraz Center, CU244
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2214-2228
Institue E-mail: ciu-institute@ciu.edu.tr


1-2 Years