Public Relations and Corporate Communication is founded on yesterday, today, and the future; it requires regulation and continuity. The Public Relations and Corporate Communication Department of Cyprus International University (CIU) shares the university's work and various activities with the public and aims to accelerate the activities of promoting and developing the university’s identity. It establishes strong and reliable links with the target audience of the university, social stakeholders, and overall public. It organizes and executes all communication activities such as strategic communication, organization, corporate activities, image monitoring, and research and development.

Working Areas

The Institutional Communication section performs the necessary activities to ensure that the institution that it works with is recognised and its institutional image is shaped positively, creating positive impressions on people, establishing good relations with its environment, and increasing its respectability.

The main objectives and duties of the Public Relations and Corporate Communication Department at CIU are:
- Establishing the university's Public Relations and Corporate Communication Strategy and vision.
- Developing the university's institutional identity.
- Following the activities in the higher education sector in the TRNC, and investigating the studies of higher education in other countries which concern the TRNC Higher Education sector both in general and specifically.
- Collecting and archiving, and later distributing, photographs and videos of activities carried out by CIU and/or students on the CIU campus or at different locations.
- Developing project ideas to contribute to the community and contribute to the University's image and recommending them for approval, and implementing them.
- Working to have a healthy execution and develop relations with all the institutions in which the university is in contact with, identifying the new institutions that need to be established, and arranging organizations to make regular reciprocal visits with all these institutions.
- Following the media closely and establishing good relations with members of the press to create positive image perception in all media channels in relation to CIU.

Provided Services

- Organizing the announcement of events, decisions, and activities which are being developed at CIU.
- Creating coordinated media work with the CIU News Agency, TV and Radio.
- Preparing, implementing, and following media advertisements.
- Organizing various invitations, visits, and receptions related to the unit.
- Coordinating photograph and video recordings to be made on the campus of our university.
- Controling protocol lists and organizing protocols at university events, welcoming guests.
- Preparing an annual activity schedule and business plan, and ensuring that it is shared and implemented with all relevant units. Transfering the proposals and queries received through various communication channels to the relevant sections.

Corporate Identity Activities

- Supporting Visual and Graphic Designers when creative ideas are required.
- Executing the process of graphic design performed under the direction of the Corporate Communication Coordinator and the management of the Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communication studies.
- Working to deliver requested graphic design work on time and in accordance with the purpose and the target audience.
- Providing the professional organization of the posters, announcements, brochures, etc. of the university. Designing the university’s publications, printed and other promotional and similar materials in accordance with the corporate identity principles of the university.
- Creating designs for the web page and social media.
- Provides support in processes that require creative ideas.


Public Relations and Corporate Communication Directorate
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2040
E-mail: ciu-pr@ciu.edu.tr