One of the administrative branches of our school is the Registrar's Office Directorate which is a place that the students will be in contact during their registration until they graduate.

The students go to The Registration office to finish the procedures and complete their registration. Starting from that moment, whenever they need any document or information, the students can go and get help from our branch according to their needs.

The original certificates which the students submit during the registration are being organized and kept in our office. If any of the students need their certificate or terminate from school, they need to come our office and ask for it.

The possible problems that students may face during their education in our school like curriculum, course registration (more-less) or the wrong grade entrances are being solved by our office as well.

The students can get student letter, transcript or special letters according to their needs from The Registration Office. The special letters may include information like the registration, termination or change of department issues with dates. Another special letter may give information about the student if s/he is an active student or not. Another one may inform the reader about the student if s/he is a transfer student or not and if s/he passed the proficiency exam or not. Especially the foreign students apply for a special letter they need for visa process which says that they are active students in this semester and are expected to be enrolled for next semester. In addition to all these documents, the students who want to apply to other schools for transfer need to come and apply for necessary documents from our office.

All the graduation procedures, approvals and the graduation ceremony is being done by The Registration Office.

The warm, energetic, patient personality of our office staff have nice behavior towards the students with the help of the experiences they gained throughout the years they work with students. Their relationship with the students is developing in a good way day by day. This make students feel comfortable, appreciated and at the same time it makes the work easier and enjoyable for the staff.

The questions that students frequently ask to our staff and their answers can be found on our website ( easily.

In order to reach our office, you can choose The Registration Office from auto answering menu after dialing 0392 671 11 11 as the general phone number of our university.