About the Program

The aim of this program is to educate individuals who will fulfill the executive managerial positions of the Tourism Industry where dynamic and qualified individuals are needed in the sub-sectors of tourism such as accommodation, travel companies, food and beverage companies. In parallel to this thought, changing nature of tourist profile leads to a necessity of professional management among these sectors. As known, tourism is a labor intensive industry requires a contemporary management approaches to deliver high quality of service. It is also a fact that, most of the employees occupying the managerial roles are sector breed individuals rather than highly educated individuals. This program allows individuals to improve and develop themselves in the tourism field at an executive managerial level that is convenient to their constricted schedule. The program also develops students who wish to enhance academically.

Education Opportunities

Students undertake a total of 7 master courses in order to graduate from the Tourism Management master program. When students enroll they may register up to 4 courses per semester in thesis program. Two of the seven courses in the program are compulsory, where the rest of the courses are elective (see curriculum). Students register to the program with the assistance of their advisors. Advisors guide students throughout the program. Library and Institute provide online and offline access to databases. Program advisors appoint a supervisor when students enroll to thesis/project. Students utilize variety of databases to complete their thesis or project. Students are encouraged produce quality work to contribute to the literature of tourism and hospitality. Cyprus International University, School of Tourism and Hotel Management is full member of Council On Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education - (CHIRE) and European network of hospitality and tourism educators – (EURHODIP).

Career Areas

The scope of the Tourism and Hotel Management program encompasses the generic philosophy of tourism organization. Within this scope focused and specialized courses are also offered to meet the requirements of the sector. Cyprus International University, School of Tourism and Hotel Management program aims to enhance the human resources segment within the tourism and hospitality industry (i.e. hospitality establishments, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, restaurants) by educating individuals to possess the necessary skills and qualifications. The graduates of School of Tourism and Hotel Management are fully capable of acquiring employment in the chain or boutique hotels, holiday villages, tour operators, travel agents, airport or airlines, cruise liners. Additionally, School of Tourism and Hotel Management equips language skills, academic infrastructure, and publication notion to those students who wish to pursue an academic career.


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