In 1997, there were postgraduate programs under three institutions, namely, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Science and Institute of Fine Arts. Throughout time, all postgraduate programs were brought together under the body of Institute of Graduate Studies and Research in order to make various institutions with postgraduate programs a whole. Our institute, which shows a rapid increase in the number of students and offered program day-by-day, is currently offering 45 masters, 16 doctoral and two professional doctoral programs to an international student profile.


Nowadays, besides university degree, individuals can differentiate themselves from others through pursuing graduate and doctoral degrees. Therefore, graduate and doctoral degrees have gained importance and will become increasingly important. Masters and Ph.D. are the first step in academic research and career in an academic setting. For the reasons mentioned above, graduate education in universities is very important and that is what we do at our university. Our university has given great importance to the diversity and quality of postgraduate education as well as its undergraduate education. Graduate education at our university is offered at the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research. Post-graduate education, which is conducted in many different universities under different institutes, is organized under one roof in our university. The main purpose of this is to improve quality by standardizing the practices in different fields of science. CIU Institute of Graduate Studies and Research aims to be a pioneer in postgraduate education. Thus, it is one of our major goals to increase scientific research, publications and projects within the scope of the institute's programs. Our institute has embraced a vision to prepare our graduate students fully-equipped for academic and professional life.


The Institute of Graduate Studies and Research has a diverse culture and knowledge level thanks to its students from 106 different countries. In addition to student diversity, the diversity of international teaching staff also makes a difference in the qulity of the education provided. As education and research can be carried out in an international environment, the development of different technologies, cultures, knowledge, communication skills and human accessibility can be facilitated. At the same time, high quality, professional and practical training can be provided through the laboratories, buildings, smart boards and libraries available within Cyprus International University. As a result of the publication requirement of scientific articles in journals indexed in SSCI, SCI-Expanded and AHCI for graduation, , the quality of the research-oriented studies is also showing a considerable increase.