101st issue of the CIU Folklore/Literature Journal

26th Volume 101st issue of the internationally refereed scientific publication folklore/literature journal of Cyprus International University (CIU) has been published.

Prof. Dr. Metin Karadağ, Editor of the journal and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences emphasized that the electronic copy of folklore/literature, one of the ULAKBİM registered journals accepted in YÖK criteria for academic promotions, is followed by authors from different countries all over the world.

Karadağ stated that the journal has made progress in terms of scientific quality, so they are receiving increasing interest.

Prof. Dr. Karadağ underlined that they have made significant progress in quality with the appointment of an expert from the field for English proofreading services by the university administration and added that this is one of the important stages of entering the high-level scientific indexes they aim for.

In the 101st issue, there are 13 articles, 5 of which are in foreign languages ​​and three books/media promotions. “In this issue, the general evaluation of the celebration meeting held in Ankara University due to the 100th issue has been written by Prof.Dr. Serpil Aygün Cengiz, so an important record is kept in the history of Turkish Folklore and journalism,” said Prof. Dr. Karadağ.

Prof. Dr. Karadağ also noted that the journal has started to be searched more after switching to the APA7 style, requesting ORCIDs, and fulfilling other conditions of the TR-Directory.

It was expressed that there are article submissions mainly from TRNC, Turkey and other countries. Also, the number of articles of the 2020 quota is almost full. Two articles related to the place names, studies related to plant folklore and world-famous Turkish bells/Zldjian Cymbals, and the studies on global problem of ecological criticism are discussed in the last issue. The 102nd issue of the journal will be published in May.

News Date: February 25, 2020